Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grand Canyon River Rafters at Pearce Ferry, Colorado River

[Photo: Canyoneers river rafting company boats at the end of another two week run through the length of Grand Canyon.]
For most commercial Grand Canyon river running trips, the end point is the Pearce Ferry Landing on the Colorado River at upper Lake Mead, near Meadview, Arizona. In the background are the Grand Wash Cliffs, considered to be the geological end of Grand Canyon.

In this photo, front and center is one of the smallest wooden boats running Grand Canyon. It's also one of the most historic, being the last one built by legendary Norman Nevills, the first commercial river running in Grand Canyon. It's the Sandra, built in 1947, and named after Nevills' younger daughter Sandy. Today it is a fully restored cataract boat, as Nevills called his design. It is owned by Greg Reiff of Flagstaff, Arizona, who is Nevills' grandson and Sandy Nevills Reiff's son. (Click on the image to see a larger version).

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