Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunset Cloud Colors, Northern Arizona

[Photo: Fiery reds at sunset near Flagstaff, Arizona.
Click on picture for larger version.]

Sunset this evening on the Coconino National Forest west of Flagstaff in northern Arizona.

Clouds make the sunset colors. Their positioning above the horizon determines how good it's going to be. If no clouds, there's nothing to reflect the just-set sun onto from below, like having no screen for a projector, or even a wall. If the clouds extend too far beyond the horizon they cut off the reflection. So they have to be "above" the sun without shutting it out.

This image was a pretty good one. If there had been more of a "slot" on the horizon it might have been even more dramatic. I positioned myself to have the silhouette of the tall Ponderosa pine add interest and a sense of scale.

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